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  • 2 Jan 2020
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MARCH 2021

  • Am I having the Covid vaccine?
  • Infection? Think Zinc
  • The Magic of Magnesium
  • Personalising Cancer Treatment


  • Do Vitamins Enhance Vaccine's Effectiveness?
  • Can Vitamin C and D Reduce Post-Vaccine Inflammation
  • Vaccine Adverse Effects - Should We Be Worried?
  • Vitamins for Prevention, Early Treatment and Critical Covid


  • Clinical Evidence for the Role of Vitamin C in Colds, Pneumonia, Sepsis and Covid-19
  • The Case for Vitamin D for COVID
  • Post Covid Recovery - are you suffering from long COVID?
  • The Case for Vitamin D for COVID


  • Why Intensive Care Units are giving Vitamin C in ICUs
  • How Curcumin Works for Arthritis
  • Why a Low GL Diet prevents Arthritis

JULY 2020

  • The Vaccine Space Race
  • Update on Antibody Tests for Immunity
  • What drives your appetite?
  • Research Round-up

MAY 2020

  • Why Vitamin C Deficiency is the Driver in Respiratory Distress
  • The 5-Day Diet Works
  • Stomach acid, heartburn, ulcers and vitamin C– the inside story

MARCH 2020

  • Drug that knock out vitamins and minerals
  • Alzheimer's is a preventable disease
  • Prostate concerns


  • Vitamin B12 - Why Vegans Need it
  • Vitamin D - are you getting enough?
  • Phospholipids and Choline - A Challenge on a Vegan Diet


  • Which vaccines does my child need?
  • How effective is the flu jab?
  • The HPV vaccine – is it just too risky?
  • The truth about aluminium in vaccines


  • Diet - One Size Doesn't Fit All
  • Are you an Aquatic Ape?
  • Research Round-up

JULY 2019

  • Why Your brain needs DHA
  • Why C8 oil is good for the brain
  • Personalise your diet - what biohacking tells you

MAY 2019

  • Switching on anti-ageing autophagy
  • The Hybrid Diet works
  • Do microbiome tests deliver
  • Research Round Up

MARCH 2019

  • Hybrid by Design
  • Nutrients that make Energy and Burn Fat
  • Research Round Up

JAN 2019

  • The Best Way to Lose Weight
  • Psychedelics as Medicine

NOV 2018

  • Lowdown on lectins and auto-immune disease
  • How your body makes energy
  • The truth about cannabis
  • What really causes heart disease