The Chemistry of Connection

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Are you feeling well connected? Are you having a good time, full of joie de vivre, or are you bored or in discomfort of one sort or another, be it emotional or mental anguish, stress or physical pain? Does life make sense, or do you have the feeling there’s something else – another level of existence – but you don’t know how to get there? We are physical, emotional, sensual, intellectual and spiritual beings, living on the Earth in a human society. This defines our five zones of connection, of being plugged into life’s unfolding purpose.

Patrick has spent the last 40 years exploring what it means to be 100 percent healthy. In The Chemistry of Connection he shares his wisdom to help you feel fully alive and awake, connected on all levels and living a purposeful life. In this book you will discover how to:

• Wake up from disconnection to connection

• Improve your mental alertness and intellectual clarity

• Open your heart and have love make your world go round

• Resolve emotional and relationship difficulties

• Explore philosophies that make life worth living

• Connect with the five elements that make us and our world

Including practical exercises, meditations and contemplations, this book will enliven a deep sense of connection in all areas of your life.

Read an extract from The Chemistry of Connection.