Natural Highs

Book: Natural Highs

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Learn how to stay happy, relaxed and ‘high’ using safe, natural and non-addictive substances. World-renowned psychologist and nutritionist Patrick Holford has teamed up with psychiatrist Dr Hyla Cass, expert in nutrition and mental health. Together they reveal ways to improve the quality of your life and help you feel on top of the world without resorting to artificial substances. You’ll learn how to increase your energy, sharpen your mind, improve your mood, relax and beat stress, as well as feel connected with herbs, nutritional supplements and simple lifestyle changes.


  • Natural blues busters to help you reduce depression and anxiety
  • Non-addictive ways to get an energy boost without resorting to caffeine or nicotine
  • Safe and effective alternatives to prescription drugs such as Prozac and Valium
  • Natural and legal alternatives to recreational drugs such as Ecstasy