Silence of Heart

Book: Silence of Heart

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Silence of Heart is a deeply emotive piece that can help you find emotional release when feeling ‘blue’, emotionally blocked or out of touch. It is reported to be a natural remedy for depression. Once free from negative emotions, Silence of Heart will clear, cleanse and refresh you.

This extraordinary piano solo was composed and played as an improvisation in one, incredible night of recording. John Levine says that he entered an entranced state where he had no recollection of the physical act of creation. This condition is well known today as a state of ‘flow’.

The creator works from a place where they are using their strongest skills to produce work that truly reflects their gifts and vision. One listener says Silence of Heart makes them feel “Joyous, positive, calm and reassured.” Others report feeling “elated”, happier in themselves and experiencing a “lessening of frustration”.