Frequently Asked Questions

How to I terminate my 100% Health Club Membership?

Within 'Your Profile' go to 'Settings' and you'll see 'Membership Settings.' You can cancel your 100% Health Club Membership there. As soon as your cancel your membership we automatically notify your payment provider to cancel future payments so you don't need to.

Please note, if you received a free book with your original membership subscription you need to stay a member for three months, paying £7.99 x 3, before you can cancel your membership.

Should you wish to rejoin at any time please just sign up again. We will have your details if you sign in with your email and password to make this easier for you.

Thank you for your subscription, which helps support our ongoing health research.

Any feedback you have on how to improve our services and the value to you of membership if gratefully received at


How do I change my address, email, phone number or password?

if you are a member go to 'your profile' when you sign in and you'll see, under 'Settings':

Profile settings - where you can change your email, phone number or password

Address settings - where you can change your address

Does Patrick give nutritional consultation/advice?

Patrick is unable to give personal consultations as he tirelessly spends his time travelling around the world teaching, and writing books. That is how he reaches thousands of people a year. He does have a team of very good nutritional therapists around the UK and abroad.

The best opportunity to spend one-to-one time with him is to attend his Total Health Transformation workshops.

Can I get free advice on which foods to eat and supplements to take?

No, we do not offer a free question and answer service advising you on which foods and supplements to take. To discover your ideal personalised diet and supplement programme complete the on-line 100% Health Programme. 100%Health Club Members can pose questions via Patrick’s online blog.

I suffer from serious health problems and would like advice on what supplements to take. Can the 100% Health Programme help improve my condition?

The 100% Health Programme is not designed to treat illnesses and diseases – it is a tool to help you improve your overall general health goals e.g. increasing your energy levels, helping you sustain a healthy weight. For nutritional help with specific conditions, we recommend you seek the professional advice of a nutritional therapist.

How can I obtain research data on specific topics mentioned in Patrick’s books?

Any research / studies referred to in Patrick’s books are fully referenced in the bibliography. Many of these studies are available online at Medline.

Where can I find a nutritional treatment centre to help treat mental health problems?

If your concern is regarding mental health the Brain Bio Centre in Putney is undoubtedly the place to go. The clinic is owned by the Food for the Brain Foundation, a charity set up by Patrick.

The Brain Bio Centre offers a comprehensive assessment of the biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to mental health symptoms and abstinence symptoms as well as detailed advice and guidance on how to correct these imbalances and restore health.

Please contact them direct on Tel: 0208 332 9600 or email on:

I’ve achieved better health since following Patrick's diet - how can I submit a testimonial of my experience?

Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Are Patrick's books available in other languages?

Patrick’s books have been translated and published world-wide.

How can I find out more about GL and the GL of foods?

The Low GL Diet Bible has comprehensive list of the GL of foods. The Holford Low GL Diet Cookbook also has good low GL recipes. Zest4Life also run weightloss programmes based the Low-GL diet.

The Glycemic Load is calculated by the known Glycemic Index of a food and multiplying this by the amount of carbohydrate in a serving of that food.

Please note, not all foods have been analysed for their GI score, hence the GL score cannot be calculated. If you know the GI of a food not listed in our GL counter please email us at and we can add it to the counter.

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