Mental Health

Think about it. Your ability to think clearly, make good decisions, adapt to inevitable challenges and not go into confusion is probably the one function that’s going to make the biggest difference in your life. Brain health is at the heart of us functioning well as humans. And what makes us humans so different to other apes is our larger brain, especially the cortex.

In this section you'll find blogs and reports exploring the role nutriton plays in supporting the many aspects of our mental health. 

Food for the Brain with Pure Package

Earlier this year, I partnered with The Pure Package, London’s premier pre-prepared meal delivery service to create the Brain Food Programme which provides nutrients that support mental alertness, mood and energy. The brain-boosting meals have been designed to provide the right balance of lean proteins, slow-release carbohydrates and essential brain supporting fats. If you're interested in having nutritious meals delivered to your door, you can find out more on The Pure Package website.

Brainstormers PODCASTs

Food for the Brain

Professor Michael Crawford is the Director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition. He is Founder Trustee of The Mother and Child Foundation and The Little Foundation, President of the McCarrison Society, winner of numerous awards including the Order of the Rising Sun in Japan and The Chevreul Medal in France. As you’ll find out he really put omega-3 on the map and, in so doing, discovered why our mental health is in decline and what we have to do to preserve humanity. Join me for the third in my Brainstormers podcast series - Food for the Brain 


How did Homo Sapiens evolve and what were we eating? Around six million years ago our ancestral line splits from gorillas and chimpanzees with ever-increasing brain size until Homo Sapiens appears over 100,000 years ago. How did this happen? What were we eating and what does this tell us about our own optimum nutrition for brain health and why brain size is actually shrinking. To answer and explore these questions is my next guest, Peter Rhys-Evans, an ENT consultant and author of the Waterside Ape. Join me for the second in my Brainstormers podcast series. 


In September 2010, Professor David Smith and colleagues struck gold when they broke the code of a randomised controlled trial giving people with pre-dementia either relatively high dose B vitamins or placebo. Since then his team at the University of Oxford have delved deeper into the role of both B vitamins and omega-3 fats and why they play a key role in preventing age-related cognitive decline, showing up to 73% less brain shrinkage versus placebo. Join me for the first podcast in the Brainstormers Series - Alzheimer's is Preventable